Demographics Are Destiny – The United States and Immigration ?>

Demographics Are Destiny – The United States and Immigration

Demographics are Destiny. It matters who is in a country and who is selected to become a new citizen through immigration.

The quality and innate abilities of people matter. The United States is facing a very painful re-set of its economy. The US needs the most talented citizens to address that difficult matter and to forge a future that is uplifting for Americans now and into the decades ahead.


The US immigration policy needs to change to choose the best and brightest. Immigration should deliver an improved quality of life for Americans. We owe it to ourselves to choose the very best from the world.

My recent letter to a US Senator who is leading the immigration policy debate in the US:

“The US needs an immigration program change that protects the rights of the folks who live here, and brings in the best and the brightest people from around the world to support an improved quality of life. We do not need 80% of new immigrants coming in from the Third World. Those are not the best and brightest that America can choose. It makes no sense to embrace an immigration program that will deliver a continued rise in the Hispanic demographic and a continued decline in the white demographic. Change the immigration policy to embrace the best and brightest from the greatest countries in the World… not to bring in masses from the Third World who will vote Democratic and support a philosophy of government control of life and liberty. The US immigration policy must be focused on bringing in the best people who will lift the quality of life for Americans for decades to come, who will be more likely Republican in outlook, and who will reverse the demographic decline of whites in the US. Demographics are destiny. We do not need a Third World demographic that votes Democratic. This is important to address now.”


1) Political future in the US based upon demographics:




5) and the future: <– America can choose any immigration policy that meets American needs. Why do we choose to become this sort of demographic future? Immigration should protect and uplift the quality of life for Americans who live in the country now.

This is an important matter for the future of America. A free America that delivers an unparalleled quality of life for Americans is the goal. American immigration programs should select the best and brightest to help Americans build a bright future.